Newsletter February – March 2016

Expectations   Early spring has melted the eyes snow. I was a blind seed. Now I see.   The frost that bound are separating. Flowing sources of light and air in everything that is dreaming.   Under the yellow grass, where the cold was, the skies cradles as a root from a flower.   Stone, that was hard and cold and put in shade Turns silently with the sun on the bare backs.   And from the rising waves of green straw new expectations are flowing pure and blue.   Newsletter February - March 2016  Halfdan Rasmussen’s spring poem describes [...]

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Newsletter December 2015 – January 2016

Your deed shall testify for you. Your right hand shall not wither in gloves and golden ribbon! Keep the word holy, for know, the words are your spirit! We travel empty-handed one day. You also need to go. Enrich your heart, so you can have something to bring! Keep the word holy as angels descend! Something is greater than you. There are mountains with snow. There are more precious things than your life. You must fight for it! But do not trample on those, who have sunk to their knees! Arnulf Øverland.   Newsletter December 2015 - January 2016. Very [...]

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Newsletter November-December 2015

Together 67 of the world's richest billionaires own more than the poorest 3.5 billion people Newsletter November-December 2015. The term Human Rights generally covers the universal declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN General Assembly on Dec. 10, 1948. Historically those efforts were to formulate the basic rights way back in time. The English Magna Carta of 15 June 1215 contains principles that still apply. It is about ideas such as freedom and democracy, the legal principle that all are treated equally and protection of property rights. These ideas spread through France to the world. In the 18th century [...]

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Report July – October 2015

Summer vacation went so quick in FHTH Ghana. We had a full house throughout the summer, and had to cook for 20 people every night. The centre buzzed with fun and happy people, and there was complete silence when schools opened after the holidays again, and one by one they went away from here. In additional Yaa took the big step and moved away from the centre along with Viola, after five years under FHTHs wings. We got busy visiting all schools, paying school fees, canteen money and buy this year's school books. Once again we had excited and happy [...]

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Newsletter October 2015

An optimist is one who sees a green light everywhere. A pessimist sees red brake lights everywhere. The wise people are color blind. Albert Schweitzer   Newsletter October 2015. With golden leaves swirling in the air, autumn has finally arrived - and however: Temperatures are still so high that you forget how close the year is at its end. It is a beautiful and lovely time and we should all enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful colors while time is. The month of October has given many good experiences for From Heart to Hand. Faithful sponsorships, memberships, submission of [...]

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Newsletter August-September 2015

In the name of love. In the name of love ............ The above was the theme of free air rock worship at the Church Laden in Stenum late August. Die Herren delivered music to a lovely church service and afterwards the orchestra gave a concert, where the theme also was love: Using love for our fellow men - both those who are near and those who are distant – we can overcome unexpected obstacles and move forward . After the last newsletter the board has experienced this love and understanding of our work in Ghana. We have gratefully received additional [...]

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Newsletter July 2015

Sit out against uplift and then think freely it is pure fabrication that there is something that is not conceivably Do intoxicate speed and acrophobia over the garden and houses yes we fly even further away Finally fly higher than the wings can carry you just being at the ground makes you just weird go up against the wind - when it bites in your cheek you have come closer A life in a maze confusing can you spot the mote it's hard to breathe freely So it may help to soar as an albatross you will tremble, when you [...]

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Newsletter Maj and June 2015

Let others praise the intellect game The cold cleverness, the strong easiness! Yes, let them praise only what they want - I prefer the voice of the heart. C. Hostrup. Newsletter May and June 2015. The month of June has delighted the board in From Heart to Hand with new members. Also, we have got new sponsors. We are very grateful about this, we always have children and young people who need our support. We've got an updated list of German sponsors and on that basis we have undertaken a thorough review of all sponsored children and their needs. Some [...]

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Newsletter May 2015

Grace is your everyday, everyday, the presence. People living with grace, grace is: to be. (DDS no. 522.1) (Grace is an ambiguous concept: First, it is a religious sense, where the one who has grace, has God's kindness and love. Second, grace means forgiveness or exemption from punishment, for example, the phrase "to ask for mercy." The third use of the word is old-fashioned respectful of address two dignitaries: "Your Grace." Synonyms: mercy, favor, goodwill.) (Wikipedia) Human life is strange ....... In his book “Something for mercy”, Gudmund Rask Pedersen has some thoughts about the way we humans perceive life. [...]

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Report for March and April 2015

Newsletter April 2015 One - perhaps Utopian - wish: A world where few have too much and fewer too little. I received various comments on the last newsletter, which included this: "Everyone should have enough to eat and all children should have access to schooling. The number of people in the world living on less than seven dollars a day, should be halved, the same, the number of people suffering hunger. Diseases such as AIDS and malaria should be stopped. The infant mortality rate for children under five should be reduced by two thirds and maternal mortality by three-quarters. " [...]

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