An optimist is one who sees a green light everywhere.
A pessimist sees red brake lights everywhere.
The wise people are color blind.
Albert Schweitzer


Newsletter October 2015.
With golden leaves swirling in the air, autumn has finally arrived – and however: Temperatures are still so high that you forget how close the year is at its end. It is a beautiful and lovely time and we should all enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful colors while time is.
The month of October has given many good experiences for From Heart to Hand. Faithful sponsorships, memberships, submission of filled piggy banks, sales of brick key chains and large donations for the construction work in Ghana. Indeed, we have much to be thankful for.
In Lianes Bazar we have been very busy in October, where we participated in this year’s sustainability festival. Many diligent hands reshaped used items to other exciting things. Our “Recycling recycling” was well received by customers and the month’s sales were very satisfactory.
Our branch in Bredgade 64 had, thanks to Børges extra effort, extended hours and our many customers now realize that they in no. 64 also can find fine and cheap goods. So far, we continue to be open on Thursdays at no. 64 from 13.00 to 17.30.
At the mannequin air show in Brønderslev hall, Lianes Bazar presented clothes in a beautiful way. Big thanks to those who took their times to walk the catwalk.
The association has participated in the Health Fair in Hjallerup. Again this year, we were provided a free stall. Thanks to Lene Nielsen for the faithful support.
The association has in October initiated “This years Christmas gift”. We hope that many would like to donate towards food for our families in Ghana.
The annual lottery for 2016 is now for sale in Lianes Bazar. You can also order some by contacting telephone: 50 42 49 77

The board is now working on how to make the most out of it, when Liane and Ben come to Denmark to work in December. They will deliver a lecture at several places in Jutland and at the same time meeting the plan for “Brønderslev og omegn”. We look forward to seeing them and have them among us and hope that many of you will find your way to their lecture at Brønderslev Library Tuesday, December 8 pm. 19:00. Free admission, and free coffee and cake. There will also be musical entertainment. We also have American lottery with fine donated prizes. Last but not least we will be selling things from Ghana.

At the association’s website you can continue to monitor activities in both Denmark and Ghana.  Facebook is updated regularly too: In From Heart to Hand, you can follow the daily life in Ghana, you can follow our construction project and you can find pictures and information about Lianes Bazar. Thanks to the administrators for their efforts.

Our two volunteers in Ghana, Danish Katrine and German Johannes, do a good job. We are pleased and we hope at the same time that they get a rewarding personal benefit out of their stay.

“Højskoleforeningen Vendsyssel” has visited our centre in Ghana in October. We know it was a good experience and we look forward to hearing personal stories from the participants.


Optimist, pessimist or colour blind?

The board work is carried out with an optimistic fundamental view, we know that when we give the green light to work in Ghana it is in all the best hands.

The red stop light, we do not see, but sometimes we wait with a yellow light in mind.

Colour Blind? We are not.

But we are trying the best to perform our work in a sensible and wise way.


We’ll send a warm thank you to all the faithful supporters, both in Ghana and Denmark.

You contribute to make the green light shine ……………


Please remember the code to the reports: zztop55 Username word: bruger
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Membership and sponsorship can be agreed on: or paid at Lianes Bazar.
The membership can be paid into the association’s account at Spar Nord: 9028-457-18-99286
DKK 150 for an individual, 250 per. household, DKK 500 for associations, DKK 1000 for firms.
Please remember half price in Lianes Bazar the last working day of the month.
Vouchers for the association can be obtained in Lianes Bazar or the association’s address.
We accept all kinds of bric-a-brac and we can pick up larger things. (Niels: 20 70 50 49)


Please let us know, if you want any specific items from Ghana. We might be able to get it for you.

Please let us know if you get a new email address and to you who get newsletters and report sent by post: please give us your email address as well.