Your deed shall testify for you. Your right hand shall not wither in gloves and golden ribbon! Keep the word holy, for know, the words are your spirit!

We travel empty-handed one day. You also need to go. Enrich your heart, so you can have something to bring! Keep the word holy as angels descend!

Something is greater than you. There are mountains with snow. There are more precious things than your life. You must fight for it! But do not trample on those, who have sunk to their knees! Arnulf Øverland.


Newsletter December 2015 – January 2016.

Very happy New Year to all of you. Times changes, 2015 is replaced by 2016!

It is difficult to follow and reach the many great challenges that the new near has brought us.

In December, we enjoyed being together with Liane, Ben and Alfred. There is always invigorating with a breath of fresh air from where the action takes place! Liane managed to hold many lectures, but unfortunately her vacation period shortened when she was hospitalized in Aalborg with a severe attack of malaria. Subsequently and understandably, she needed to get back her strength again. Nevertheless, we, the board, reached what we had planned: lecture at the library with sale stalls and lottery was a great success with 75 participants and a surplus in the vicinity of 10,000 kr.! Thanks to all those who in one way or another contributed to the good evening and that great profit.

Also thanks to all the individuals / organizations / scientists, who in December have made great contributions to the further construction in Ghana! Your supports make us happy and the board is optimistic. You give us all the strength to work in the 2016.

On December 28 in Lianes bazar we had a blazing afternoon with musical entertainment. Big thanks to Ellen, Nicolaj and Mathias, who gave many attendees a fantastic experience.

The Board is happy to announce that the Year Lottery for 2016 is sold out. Thanks to everyone for the purchase of lottery tickets and supported the association.

Thank you to everyone who have paid for annual membership 2016 and for those who haven´t, it is still possible (see below). Thanks to the faithful sponsors who give children in Ghana a better future. Unfortunately, contact with FHTH Germany is not optimal, but we all expect to hear about the German sponsors very soon. In week 8 we hold a “SALE” in Lianes Bazar. We look forward to seeing our many customers every day and for those who need to be extra careful with their money, we hope week 8 will give you a chance to find extra cheap stuff in the store. On March 1 the Association hold the general meeting in the Big Hall of Brønderslev Library. The General Assembly is at. 19.00, but at 18.00 we serve soup for everyone in attendance. There will later in the evening be free coffee and cake. We hope that many people will show their commitment to From Heart to Hand’s work by showing up and helping to set the agenda for the next year’s work.

Liane and Ben are back in full swing working on FHTH Ghana’s new center. They will move in February and the last things have to be in order. Ben sets, along with his brother, new shock-fence up and plumbing people complete installations in the toilet and shower building. At the same time everything has to be settled regarding the solar power to provide power at the center. We hope everything will be finished on time.

While Liane, Ben and Alfred was in Denmark, Ben’s mother took over and took care of the center – with all that that entails. We are deeply grateful for the assistance – which meant that Ben’s family couldn’t be together during Christmas.

Julie is a volunteer in Ghana in the first three months of 2016, Bodil in the first three weeks. We appreciate their efforts. In January, the center has also been visited by Lisbet and Jesper, who in addition to doing their own projects in Ghana, also supports FHTH. Warm thanks for your support. Liane and Ben is short of working hands, so anyone interested can apply to become a volunteer. They also work diligently to get Ghanaian assistants, but it has proved difficult to find Ghanaians who fully understand and accept the way the center is run. We sincerely hope that soon it will succeed because it is not in the long term durable, that they are left alone with all the work. The workload also means that Lianes reports from Ghana in the future will only come every three months.

Here is the latest news: Doris and Benjamin visited at Christmas their family in northern Ghana and their trip went beyond expectations. Very nice for them. Unfortunately, Doreen and Dorcas late December lost their grandmother, who they lived with. Liane and Ben has spent extra time and effort to take care of them. Now we await the manner of their future housing situation etc. is going to look like. We hope the best for the two weak twins and Stephanie. They will certainly need additional sponsorship to help them. Operating expenses for the association’s new center will in future be noticeable. Any

support towards this will be gratefully received at: 9028-457-18-99286: To be labeled: 1875 Drift. Big thanks to all of you who with interest and commitment follows the association’s work – either through newsletters and reports, via website: or via facebook: From Heart to Hands page From Heart to Hand Building project From Heart to Hand Lianes Bazar (See Donation 25 selling cloths in favor of FHTH) This was the words. Thank you all. Let us together turn words into action.





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Membership and sponsorship can be agreed on: or paid at Lianes Bazar. The membership can be paid into the association’s account at Spar Nord: 9028-457-18-99286 DKK 150 for an individual, 250 per. household, DKK 500 for associations, DKK 1000 for firms.

Please remember half price in Lianes Bazar the last working day of the month.

Vouchers for the association can be obtained in Lianes Bazar or the association’s address.

We accept all kinds of bric-a-brac and we can pick up larger things. (Niels: 20 70 50 49)


Please let us know, if you want any specific items from Ghana. We might be able to get it for you.

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