Together 67 of the world’s richest billionaires own more than the poorest 3.5 billion people

Newsletter November-December 2015.

The term Human Rights generally covers the universal declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN General Assembly on Dec. 10, 1948.
Historically those efforts were to formulate the basic rights way back in time. The English Magna Carta of 15 June 1215 contains principles that still apply. It is about ideas such as freedom and democracy, the legal principle that all are treated equally and protection of property rights. These ideas spread through France to the world. In the 18th century these thoughts and ideas are to be found in the United States Declaration of Independence of 1776 and the French Declaration of Human Rights from the 1789.
Fundamental human rights are considered inalienable, as a natural law, an idea that has its roots back to ancient Greece, which has its counterpart in the United States Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and that they by their Creator got certain unalienable rights, among these are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ”

Men are born and remain equal in rights.

What is the situation at the end of 2015 with this statement?
We must recognize that the world’s goods are unevenly distributed. We who are privileged to be born in an industrialized country, takes this statement as a given, but how it is experienced by people in a developing country?
Many of them don’t know about the Declaration of Human Rights, but still they are fighting for a better life. They continue to see that people living in other continents, have greater opportunities to create a good life.
In Europe we are seeing many refugees and immigrants. Many of those are fleeing war and persecution because of their believe in a democratic approach to life. This problem we understand hopefully.
Every day we meet: convenience refugees. A concept we sadly use to exclude some people from our society.

Is it “convenient” to give up a life you know and are usde to, and then search for new and unknown goals because you want a life of freedom and opportunities to earn a living? There must be a lot of uncertainty associated with the choice and many also experience frustration that everything is not as simple as they thought.

Some people pay a lot of money to travel to Europe for example. Some of us are offended about it, but if I was an African mother / family with many children who did not have better prospects than the family, I would probably also in every possible way try to obtain funding so that at least one of the children got the chance for a better life with either work or education.
When Liane and Ben have lectures for children, they sometimes ask these questions:
“How many of you have toys you have not played with for a week? For one month? For a year?”
“How many of you live in a house with windows? ”
“How many of you have one or more televisions and PCs?”
“And how many of you have a mother and a father who can take care of you?”

The questions arouse reflection – even with the adults!


The month of November was a good month for FHTH Denmark. We have received many fleas and many of them are already sold.
We prepared selling Christmas stuff in Lianes Bazar. Sales have subsequently gone very well.
Open by Christmas brought a tidy profit.
We still have tickets for the annual lottery in 2016.
We have held the last staff meeting. A meeting where Liane, Ben and Alfred attended. After dinner our “own good” Santa Claus showed up – to the amusement of adults and a very amazed Alfred. We ended the evening with raffle game using recycled packages. Everybody had a good time and was very amused.
Without all faithful volunteers, we could not have Lianes Bazar and Bredgade 64. Thank you to all of you.
We welcome the faithful sponsorships and recruitment of new godparents.
We thank you for paying the members fee for 2016. If you haven´t paid yet and want to, see below this letter.
We have had a meeting with Rotary’s Ghana selection. We are pleased that they still want to support FHTH Ghana. We will receive funds for an establishment of a nature playground and vegetable garden at the new center. Rotary has also sought funds towards solar cells at the new center. We eagerly await the outcome of the application.
Liane has lectured at Rotary. It was a well-attended evening and a very positive attitude to FHTH. We are very grateful, thank you!
Liane and Ben has lectured at the dental practice, triggering a generous donation. We are very grateful for their support.
Liane, Ben and Alfred have also visited Astrup-SønderskovFreeSchool, where they held lectures for students and locals. The lecture was very well received and we now have new friends in Astrup-Sønderskov. We are very pleased.

Leif Hellsten is preparing a new plan of construction in Ghana – both with present and hopefully future buildings. Many warm thanks to Leif Hellsten for his tremendous support for all the work in FHTH.
Now we are preparing for Liane and Bens lectures at Brønderslev Library on Tuesday, December 8 pm. at 19.00. Admission is free and we serve coffee and cake. We sell things from Ghana, things made in favour of FHTH Ghana and American lottery. Warm thanks to all you, who contributed with gifts. Please remember the entry is in the library’s courtyard. We hope to meet many of our faithful supporters.
On 12 December, FHTH is present at Lisbet Hansen’s Christmas Package run at Vittrup center, start at 10.00.
A Facebook comment from a FHTH member has spread with lightning speed. An IT company has therefore approached and donated a large sum to help solar cells. Warm thanks to 7N.
In From Heart to Hand we all work voluntarily and unpaid. We are very privileged in that area.
The association tries to be full transparency, all contributors must know what their payment is for. If at some point that changes, all sponsors will be advised of it and it will also appear on the website and facebook.
Ghana: We welcome the progress on the construction site in Ghana and good volunteers. Thank you for your efforts.
We look forward to great new volunteers in the 2016.
Thanks to Rødding Teater team that brought a nice and positive feature to the Ghanaian everyday.

We are looking forward to another three weeks of being together with Liane, Ben and Alfred.
You are fantastic, we respect and admire your efforts and wish you all the best. THANKS.
We know you have several lectures and meetings on the programme but hope you have a Merry Christmas with the family.
We are honoured to be a part of FHTH DK and FHTH Ghana and we try to solve tasks in a satisfactory manner for all.

Life – and the world is what we choose to do with it. 

Here, the political agenda is nothing – what is essential is our capacity for empathy and compassion.

We wish all faithful supporters a very happy Christmas. Thanks for all the support to a good cause,
Please remember: The outer and material things are the visible, but the essentially is seen with the heart.



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