Sit out against uplift
and then think freely
it is pure fabrication
that there is something that is not conceivably

Do intoxicate
speed and acrophobia
over the garden and houses
yes we fly even further away
Finally fly higher than the wings can carry you
just being at the ground makes you just weird
go up against the wind – when it bites in your cheek
you have come closer

A life in a maze
can you spot the mote
it’s hard to breathe freely

So it may help to soar
as an albatross
you will tremble,
when you raise yourself  above us

Finally  fly higher than the wings can carry you …
Lars Lilholt


Newsletter July 2015 

Lars Lilholts poem has inspired us for a long time: This is how we want From Heart to Hand to operate. We set ourselves high goals and hope that the wings will carry us…
Sometimes we experience a precipitous nosedive towards the ground. Fortunately, we have so far managed to slow up and  begin the ascent again …
This is the idealist features: High objectives, a dive and again to begin an ascent.

From Heart to Hand is like all other associations subject to future challenges. We know that we are on an annual basis can have a stable earnings in Lianes Bazar, but we never know which months, providing good earnings and the months that brings a “disappointing” result. In this early summer, we, like many other shops, have noticed that the fickle summer weather has affected sales. May and June fell short of the average. On the other hand, we welcome the month of July, this has given excellent earnings. But it is not a secret that lack of money in the account has been frustrating and stressful – especially for Liane and Ben. Many materials and kitchen and toilet furniture that has been donated is just sitting there in Ghana waiting for funds to be installed. It is inherently frustrating. Inflation is rapidly increasing in Ghana, i.e. everything becomes more expensive.

The board is trying it’s best to remedy the situation: We have for a couple of months lacked the full amount for the operation of the center in Ghana. We have this year spent a lot of money to keep the association’s car running. At the same time, we have had to raise funds for the tickets for Liane and Bens stay in Denmark in December. We work hard and are optimistic, but we have also realized that we have for a period not have been able to fly as high as we wanted.
If any of you reading this letter want to help, you can do so by buying our brick key chains (we can sent it out to you), take a money box home with you from Lianes Bazar(Glud and Marstrand A / S has again kindly donated 200 cans to FHTH) and fill it with all your (annoying) pennies or give a gift to the association. Any help will be received with gratitude.
We welcome many new sponsors and members. Thank you that you in this way support the work of the association. Thanks for all your faithful monthly contributions. We are very grateful for your support!
The website is still being updated and we are pleased about Ditte’s efforts on facebook pages: From Heart to Hand, From Heart to Hand Building project and From Heart to Hand Lianes Bazar you can always find new information.
Lianes Bazar offers plenty of bargains come and see us and make a good deal. We thank you for your support with the submission of the many good fleas and for your trade. Without all the good volunteers, things could not succeed, thanks to you all, “old” as well as new.
Also remember to see our show in Bredgade 64. Often new things are arriving there and we keep it open twice a month. If you want to buy anything from there at another time, just contact us in Lianes Bazar and we will help you.
We are pleased to inform you that a volunteer Katrine is going to Ghana in October. We also look forward to two other volunteers from January 2016.
A warm thank you to all of you who also supports us, when we do not fly as high as desired. Also thanks to Liane and Ben, who are always remaining optimistic. We look forward to their work and well-deserved vacation in Denmark in December.
We fly with love wings ……………


Please remember the code to the reports: zztop55 Username word: bruger
Meet From Heart to Hand and Lianes Bazar on facebook. .
German facebook page: / FHTHde

Membership and sponsorship can be agreed on: or paid at Lianes Bazar.
The membership can be paid into the association’s account at Spar Nord: 9028-457-18-99286
DKK 150 for an individual, 250 per. household, DKK 500 for associations, DKK 1000 for firms.
Please remember half price in Lianes Bazar the last working day of the month.
Vouchers for the association can be obtained in Lianes Bazar or the association’s address
We accept all kinds of bric-a-brac and we can pick up larger things. (Niels: 20 70 50 49)

Please let us know, if you want any specific items from Ghana. We might be able to get it for you.

Please let us know if you get a new email address and to you who get newsletters and report sent by post: please give us your email address as well.