A Merry Christmas to all of you from Liane and Ben, they wish you a Happy New Year, too.


Another year was given to us.

Year 2014 has for From Heart to Hand been a year of both tragedy and the feeling of powerlessness but also a year of great joy. Myself, I think with great joy and gratitude of my experiences in Ghana in January. Liane and Ben spent their precious time to give me an insight into the daily work in and out from the center. I am deeply grateful for the knowledge I got. It is a great ballast in my daily work for the association.

In January we were told about the great donation that our German department had provided to FHTH Ghana. The money was earmarked for building plot (s) and suddenly the dream of having our own center in Kumasi came closer. We could now take the first steps toward building our own place. In the Board we considered how we in the future could provide more funds for the construction. Earnings in Lianes Bazar was just covering the daily expenses for the Center in Ghana, so we had to think about alternatives. In May when Liane and Ben came to Denmark we could celebrate that the land was purchased. Our landlord, architect Hellsten was contacted and he offered free of charge to make drawings for the construction. Liane and Ben told him about their wishes and Hellsten immediately started the work and his drawings, largely covered Liane and Ben’s wishes. We thank you for the great and good help.

In the middle of all the joy the center was exposed to armed robbery. Furthermore, two of the center’s residents were raped. Everyone in Ghana was in shock and so were we here at home. Liane and Ben went right back and since then they have fought hard – and still do – to try and make things fairly normal again. The feeling of powerlessness has been hard for all of us. How was it possible for the people at the center to get back to a normal life? Could Liane and Ben, who were all of a sudden on their own with all the tasks, cope with this both mental and physical strain? They have done it, but it has been a very hard time. The Board is deeply grateful for Liane and Ben’s endurance, it is admirable. They have really shown that working for FHTH Ghana is what they want. From the bottom of my heart thank you to both of you!

Amidst the tragedy we were all overwhelmed by the fantastic support FHTH subsequently met from all sides. Pouring in sympathy and financial support. Many warm thanks to all private and companies who have made contributions to FHTH. The contributions were still pouring in throughout the year. It is a great pleasure that the economic stimulus has led to an acceleration of construction, so the new centre may be ready in the beginning of 2015. At that time, there is room for everyone to stay there while the building goes on. We hope that the move will serve as a new beginning for everyone at the center. It is amazing to think that the association’s new center in Ghana has been able to be built and ready to

move in just one year. Thanks to all of you who have made this possible. Thank you to the volunteers who during the year have spent time and money to make a difference at the center. You have been an invaluable help in everyday life! Thank you to the many visitors to the center. Your interest in FHTH make us very happy!

Thank you to all you loyal members and sponsors.

Thanks to Nicolaj Hygebjerg for the draft of the new website and thank you Ditte Bang Jørgensen for all that you have done so far on the website. It is a big job and a process that never ends. It is a good bridge between Denmark and Ghana. In Denmark, there has been plenty to do during the year. In Lianes Bazar summer and autumn has been very busy, partly because of the tourists but also because the number of new asylum seekers who daily visits us. Thanks to all of you who deliver fleas, so we have good things to sell and thanks to all who come and buy fine things. Special thanks to all the faithful volunteers, without you we could not operate our second hand shop. Your dedication is worthy of admiration – and customers notice it! In the fall, we welcomed Liane, Ben and Alfred who stayed here for a week. Busy, but intense days. We had the pleasure that Ellen Flyvbjerg and Nicolai Kornerup offered to come and entertain in the shop on December 23. It was a great experience for all and everyone from the association and the many customers / listeners send them their thanks. Also thanks to Santa and his elf girl.

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Sorrows and joys, common human conditions. We remember friends and faithful supporters, who are not here anymore. Good to have known them. They made a difference! The association’s work in 2014 involved sorrows, but also many joys. We have much to be thankful for. Liane and Ben makes a difference for many people in Ghana, but they also make a difference for everyone who know them. Thank you, Liane and Ben, for being there.

A big thank you to all the good people who support From Heart to Hands work. Each and every one of you is the stone, From Heart to Hand is building with in Denmark. We wish for everyone of you to have a peaceful and joyful new year.

The association’s work in 2014 involved sorrows, but also many joys. We have much to be thankful for.

As the thriving and busy association we are, we still need funds for future plans J

We welcome the new building project, but when they all move to the new centre it will not be a completely finished centre.

We need funds to build a house for Liane and Ben, a house for volunteers and a workshop building.

We also need funds for the actual relocation.



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